Welcome to AID-TURK

Academy for International Development  – Middle East and North Africa (Group) is celebrating the opening of a new branch in Turkey. On behalf of the AID-MENA Team, I am grateful to introduce the areas of our work in Turkey.

Our office in Turkey provides three main services – firstly Consultancy Services. We are supporting the capacity of civil society sector and local governance to keep up with social, economic and political changes, reaching the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), focusing on establishing the partnership between civil society sector, private sector and governance; secondly –Export &Import services. The world turned to a small village. We are helping you to sell your products and supplying the needed raw materials and technologies for enhancing your production and increasing your competencies; thirdly – Real Estate Services. Our office in Turkey is located in Alanya which recognizes as a pearl of Turkish Riviera. We provide a wide range of homes for your vacation and your investment. AID Turk Team is committed to seeing everything through the eyes of our customers in order to provide the highest quality services with the highest value.

During the past thirteen years, AID-MENA has been working with local international entities in the Middle East and North Africa and Turkey to build its extensive network that contributed to achieving its mission. AID-MENA envisions competent, informed, empowered and vocal societies, able to identify, initiate and sustain their choices. Meanwhile, AID-MENA succeeded to form a solid consortium, consisting of more than 40 civil society organizations across the MENA region, that without their involvement in these programs, our success would not be possible.

Since its establishment in 2006, AID-MENA and AIDs office in the MENA region and Turkey proceeded as an open platform for youth entrepreneurs, change makers, and development practitioners to design and implement their own initiatives, projects and programs; in order to have a sustainable impact in the development in MENA region and Turkey. Hence, AID-MENA’s services and major programs have been delivered to more than 10,000 direct beneficiaries and exceeded 50, 0000 indirect beneficiaries across the MENA region with a particular focus on women and youth.

Social, economic and development inclusions were always our main concerns, as we do believe that equal opportunities cannot exist within the MENA region unless we all are cooperating together.


Research Unit

AID-TURK has a Research Unit dedicated to research focusing in many areas

Training Unit

AID-TURK training unit develop and customize different training packages

Media Production Unit

AID-TURK Media Production

Our Projects

You are welcome to check out our house gallery to make sure that this home
is in prime condition which makes it a perfect living space.

We create projects with different financial plans. We provide high-quality consultancies to present to our customers their future home.

Our Contacts

Our goal is to help you to make your dreams a reality. AID TÜRK keeps he clients’ requirements and interest on a priority and customer satisfaction is what we strive for.

Oba Mah. Yüzbaşıoglu Sk. No: 15/1
Küçüker Plaza D:3 Alanya / Antalya

Monday – Saturday

from 8:00 to 20:00

Free day – Sunday