Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are

The Academy for International Development – the Middle East and North Africa (AID-MENA) is an organization working in the field of Socio-Economic, Socio-Political, Governance and Democratization process, Preventing Violence Extremism, Gender inclusion, Security Planning, Research and Capacity Building in the MENA region. AID-MENA was originally established and registered in Cairo, Egypt in 2006, and then it was registered in the Kingdom of Hashemite of Jordan as a Regional Organization In 2009, AID-MENA established its daughter organization the National Development Foundation (NDF) in Egypt which is registered as a non-profit organization. In early 2016, AID-MENA becomes the founder organization of the International Development Foundation (IDF) in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then in 2018 registered its newly organization and training centre AID-TURK in Alanya, Turkey. Moreover, AID-MENA has several branch offices registered in Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen, and Libya. Additionally, AID-MENA has its own women policy centres (WPC) that are located in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Yemen.

Our newly established branch in Turkey AID-TURK is located in Alanya with its own Training Centre facilities with the mission of providing affordable oriented services, focusing on responding to the Syrian crisis specially on the fields of research and capacity building for Turkish and Syrian Civil Society sector.

AID-TÜRK and part of the AID-MENA adopts strategic participatory planning, evidence-based and action-oriented approaches to spread awareness and transfer knowledge on civic participation, socio-economic development, democracy and good governance, elections and elections monitoring, Human Rights and Civil social Rights, Gender Equality and Women’s empowerment and engagement in political/social life, capacities and skills building for civil society organization and local government units, community behaviour change, urban development, poverty alleviation, conflict resolutions and peace building programs. We believe that our experiences in these fields can greatly help the CSOs and Local Governance units to achieve their goals and beyond.

Our presence and work in the field of development are supported by skilled and professional staff and expert consultants, as well as a broad network of partners from the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and the Balkan region. We are attempts to work on building mutual partnerships and strategic alliances with different leading development and academic organizations, institutions, and networks in several countries on regional and international levels; in order to direct its resources and capabilities to projects, it considers most important.

Our programmes are always addressing highly complex and delicate issues by providing services were in many areas of the Middle East such as Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; by integrating projects that restore the identity of communities, respect for human rights, sustainable development opportunities, fostering democratization and good governance, as well as conflict resolution and peace building.


PASSION: AID-TURKis driven by personal and collective professional commitment to initiate and sustain positive change in Turkey and Syria.

RESPECT: AID-TURK values and appreciates cultural diversity and local experiences and assets.

INTEGRITY: AID-TURK strives for the highest ethical standards, transparency, and accountability in all aspects of its work as an independent firm with no political or cultural biases.

INNOVATION: AID-TURK works with innovative non-traditional interventions and ​​​​​​​problem-solving techniques.​​​​​​​


AID-TURK envisions competent, informed, empowered and vocal societies able to identify, initiate and sustain their choices.


AID-TURK partners with local organizations to:

Design, implement and evaluate strategic, evidence-based and action-oriented community-centred programmes that influence political dialogue, collective action, social norms, and individual behaviour.

Enhance networking and access to information, skills and the exchange of lessons learned and best practice.

Design and initiate formative socio-political, social and economic research to guide and shape program design, evaluate impact, test theories and advance knowledge within different development fields.

Develop, field test and produce programme-oriented training curriculums, materials, public policies, and tools.

Strengthen organizational capabilities through institutionalizing sustainable systems

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

AID-TÜRK in collaboration with AID-MENA has several running offices nationally and internationally based, which are utilized to provide various services; including:

Support in the re-establishment of local governance, by providing socio-economic and socio-political programmes that provide sustainable development; re-organise and train public administrations; optimise inter-institutional relationships and decentralisation; guide local development processes and the involvement of stakeholders.

Assistance and support to local authorities and government agencies for sustainable development, institution capacity building, placement actions and organization of training workshops, training for local and regional trainers, training for local and national public administrators on issues of governance, local development, as well as accounting and financial management.

Assistance and support to consulting firms’ participation to international tenders.

Advanced managerial and vocational training programmes, delivered on-site or via distance learning.

Determine sustainability criteria and guidelines for reconstruction that are in line with long-term development objectives.

Drafting of micro development projects for remote communities; planning and management of microcredit projects for development.

Encouragement for regions looking to capitalise on their assets to develop a sustainable local economy and facilitate equal opportunity.