Consulting Services

Consulting Services

AID-TÜRK in collaboration with AID-MENA has several running offices nationally and internationally based, which are utilized to provide various services; including:

Support in the re-establishment of local governance, by providing socio-economic and socio-political programmes that provide sustainable development; re-organise and train public administrations; optimise inter-institutional relationships and decentralisation; guide local development processes and the involvement of stakeholders.

Assistance and support to local authorities and government agencies for sustainable development, institution capacity building, placement actions and organization of training workshops, training for local and regional trainers, training for local and national public administrators on issues of governance, local development, as well as accounting and financial management.

Assistance and support to consulting firms’ participation to international tenders.

Advanced managerial and vocational training programmes, delivered on-site or via distance learning.

Determine sustainability criteria and guidelines for reconstruction that are in line with long-term development objectives.

Drafting of micro development projects for remote communities; planning and management of microcredit projects for development.

Encouragement for regions looking to capitalise on their assets to develop a sustainable local economy and facilitate equal opportunity.