Import and Export

Import and Export

AID-TÜRK has a department for export and import which supplying various commodities, such as energy, fertilizers, raw materials, minerals, chemical products, agriculture, and nourishment.

Our head office is located in Egypt and we have branches in the Middle East and North Africa and recently we opened our new branch in Turkey.

Due to our vast experiences in the export and import market over the last ten years, we began offering our services as an “Export-Import Processor” to various manufacturers. We are exporting to Bangladesh, Vietnam, Arab and Gulf countries, Thailand, New Zealand, and European countries.

AID TÜRK professional team is experienced and deeply committed to finding and providing timely service to our esteemed clients. We own our feet of trucks to deliver the product in the right timing, in addition to this, we own a warehouse near the port in Egypt to make packing and put inside containers or ship in bulk by complete vessels. The positive feedback is something that we can be proud of.

In dealing with our clients we are keen on establishing open communications and maintaining a high level of transparency in all aspects of our business.

We always strive to build lasting business partnerships with our clients by offering the best value proposition for the trade. So, we are committed to bringing you the best available products, along with the highest standards of quality at the optimum price.

Responsible business is one of our main objectives that leads us to work with companies and organizations that are reliable in their work ethics as well as social and environmental approach.

We believe that the keystones of any kind of business are:

– Honesty;
– Respect;
– Reliability;
– Responsibility;
– Effectiveness;
– Efficiency;

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