Media Production Unit

Media Production Unit

For more than 10 years the talented artists working at AID-TURK Media Production have been leading the media industry in Egypt ,the middle East ,north Africa and Europe.
AID-MEAN Media Production believed that communication is an essential tool for disseminating the results and the impact of the recent development efforts in the region. the Media unit was launched to meet with the online trends of today’s social networking so as to reach the greatest possible target audience.


Our Services 

  • Film Production
  • Advertising
  • Realistic Render
  • VFX
  • C4D – Media Productions


In today’s online culture of sharing information via the internet, AID-MEAN Media Production knew that setting up an online profile is correlated to mass awareness. it was therefore agreed upon to open, for the first time since it’s establishment, a media unit.

The AID-MEAN Media Production is a simple solution to a develop advertising and marketing sectors for Civil Society organizations in the MENA region with a particular focus on film production, documentaries, training manuals , newsletters and Digital Marketing.

The main vision for the Media Unit is to create professional art works, advertising and marketing at a low production cost that meet with the low budget of the civic organizations.

AID-MEAN Media Production  is always conscientious of the ever changing methodoligies of media publication and knowledge transfer so it can consistently be aligned with the most effective and effecient ways to deliver it’s vision.


Our Portfolio

Film Director – Creative Coordinator/Creative Design Intern – Digital Media

Trailer The Umayyad Route 

FLY360 Aviation Academy in Dubai 

The art of calligraphy

Rashfa Tea